Creative Director: Tim Hackney
Copywriter: Katy Johnson
Art Director: Aaron McCall

I started working with SNA, a national athletic equipment company, 2 years after the company had unsuccessfully attempted to change their name. With a failure to roll their new brand out effectively and an outdated website, SNA was losing clients and seeing sales hit all-time lows. I worked with Art Director Aaron McCall to clean up the brand and bring an information overhaul to all levels of the website—transforming how SNA told their story, how long it took users to navigate to desired products, and how the site could serve up complementary purchases based on user-behavior. We also created a new library of video and photography assets that highlighted the professionalism of the brand, helping customers see SNA as a preferred supplier at the professional, collegiate, and high school level. My role included site-mapping, content for the top 25 high level pages and SEO work for the entire site. With launch of the site in July 2018, SNA is poised to start reconnecting with customers and repositioning themselves in the market.