Good work. Good play.
Creative Director: Tim Hackney
Copywriter: Katy Johnson
Art Director: Laura Dozeman

This award-winning campaign was birthed out of an ambitious idea for a single assignment that Laura and I created over coffee. Michigan Smart Coast—an economic development initiative trying to draw young talent to work and settle along the Michigan lakeshore—came to us with a request to make a “Summer Intern Events” brochure.

We wanted to capture the unique blend of living and working along the West Michigan coast. Our ideas had me playing with double lines that shared a common word in contexts in and beyond the office:

Deadline. Tan line.
Downtown. Beachtown.
Boardroom. Boardwalk.

Laura used that “double” idea to generate fresh and vibrant collages of recreational and career photography. From there, our ideas exploded, eliciting enough interest and excitement that Michigan Smart Coast kept returning to round out the identity further—through banners, SWAG, social media assets, website planning and more.

The mark is now garnering support from businesses around the area and continues to resonate with a generation eager to land a great career during the day and head to the beach with their friends after 5.