Creative Director: Tim Hackney
Copywriter: Katy Johnson
Art Director: Laura Dozeman

During a year-long energy competition to be the “greenest” small town in the United States, Holland, MI was polling strong. The company approached our team with a need for a cost-effective solution to encourage local residents to keep energy use low during the summer months and take Holland into the finals. 

After identifying social media as the key platform for reaching local energy consumers and residents, we generated the #HollandUnplugged campaign, designing an editorial calendar for 100 days of summer, providing an energy conscious activity, recipe, event, challenge, tip or craft for every single day of summer. Each Facebook post pointed back to the #HollandUnplugged website, where users could search additional summer activities and learn more about the competition. The campaign not only kept Holland competitive in the energy competition, but also landed the BPW a national award for best energy marketing campaign of the year. 

I loved this project because it required such a high creativity, all on a shoestring budget. Laura and I worked together to invent, write, shoot and produce all the creative content for the project. It was a lot of DIY, cooking, trail-and-error and laughter that ultimately drew an entire community together for the summer.