Creative Director: Tim Hackney
Copywriter: Katy Johnson
Art Director: Scott Kramer

At the onset of this discovery piece, Dordt wondered what made them original. Didn’t they just offer what everyone else did? As we experienced their campus and community, we helped them realize that they offered far more.

Scott Kramer and I worked very closely together on the feel and cohesion of this piece. Each spread had to accomplish a lot, both visually and factually. Together we struck a very strategic blend of call-outs, anthem sentences, powerful headlines, sweeping photography and high-energy collages to cover the full range of what the University offers. We then collaborated on a guide covering these strategies so the school’s internal team could accomplish them well in the future, without the campaign skipping a beat.

What made the project so rewarding was how well it all clicked. With a single review, the team at Dordt felt their story had been fully captured and embodied. The campaign yielded the highest retention rates ever recorded in the school's history (98.5% after just one semester). They were thrilled, calling on us to later design the materials for the launch of their new Pro-Tech program.