Gut Essen.
Creative Director: Tim Hackney
Copywriter: Katy Johnson
Art Director: Laura Dozeman

When Alpen Rose first opened, there was nothing quite like it in Downtown Holland. The gourmet food, bright ambiance and warm hearted service brought a new experience to 8th Street, made all the more engaging by the authentic German culture of both the dishes and the restaurant itself. However, after 25 years, Alpen Rose had started fading into the downtown landscape. It was seen as more stuffy, more expensive, and less relevant than the other dining establishments that had grown in its wake. 

Laura Dozeman and I helped change that understanding with a bold and vibrant campaign that reestablished why Alpen Rose was such a unique venue in the region: an authentic Austrian chef, a timeless European story and fresh ingredients pulled directly from local growers. I wanted the "Gut Essen" campaign to connect with audiences through savory food language and a simple tagline: "Europe is closer than you think." It was a message designed to draw in young professionals and regional foodies: two target audiences the restaurant was failing to attract. Through a new logo, print ads, billboards, and rebranded menus and cafe takeaways, Alpen Rose was reinvigorated. Six months in, when the general manager confessed that people had started walking into the restaurant with print ads from local magazines, saying, "I want you to bring me this," we knew we had accomplished the goal.