Where Better Begins
Creative Director: Tim Hackney
Copywriting: Tim Hackney and Katy Johnson
Art Director: Laura Dozeman
Video Production: Rich Evenhouse and Scott Tanis

The Metro Health Hospital Foundation was looking for a comeback after going dark for an entire year.  The new executive director for the foundation approached our team to rebrand the foundation, generate a fresh approach to quarterly communications for donors and use existing video assets to create Big Give videos for the annual events hosted by the foundation to help determine its budget for the coming year. Laura and I wanted the fresh assets to fall in line with the overall brand, but also to tell the personal warmth and comprehensive expertise of the hospital in a highly relatable way. To that end, all of the writing I did--from the new tagline to publication stories and video scripts-- centered around testimonials and compelling statistics that demonstrated the unique effectiveness of the foundation. My end goal was to make donors feel good about the hope they offered in daily doses to serve the lives who need hope most. That year, the foundation saw record numbers in giving, setting the organization on a bright, new trajectory for the future.