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All over again.

All over again.

It's day 27 of a 28 day cross country adventure I embarked on this summer. I'm 6 hours and one international border away from home. And I've been wondering, "How do I mark this space?" What it's held and meant? How I've changed and how I've stayed the same? This is the list that found it's way through my pen while I drank beer near a dock off of Lake Ontario tonight.

Items I've lost:

  • 1 SVSU t-shirt I like to sleep in
  • 1 bottle of ibuprofen
  • 1 screw to my sunglasses

Number of times I got lost: 1 time in the North Carolina mountains. So, so lost. Oh, and 1 time when my phone died in Canada. #followyourheartPocahontas  

Number of awkward tanlines I developed:

  • 1 sock line on my right calf
  • 2 smudgey fades down the sides of my abdomen
  • 1 scar shaped dark spot on my right knee
  • 3 different shirt and suit lines on my back... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • 2 bathing suit lines on my chest
  • an ombre of whiteness moving up my legs #trendylikethat

Number of times I almost died: Twice. Once in Tennessee with a scruffy man named Leeroy. And once in upstate New York with a twitchy driver.

My favorite Ivy League school: Princeton. Harvard, you know why you lost.

Bodies of water I sat by/wrote by:

  • Shelby Farms Lake
  • Ball River Falls
  • Lake Lure
  • the Atlantic
  • Chesapeake Bay
  • Lake Ontario

Drivers who suck most: Ontario, as a region you are way too passive aggressive--just stop with the brake lights. To the SUV who noticed that yes, I did cruise through that yellow on Bloor Street, I did not yet understand the ways of your people. My bad. Thank you for being honest about your emotions with your horn.

Number of times Starbucks spelled "Katy" correctly: 3 out of 9. Toronto, you didn't even have to ask. #winner

Most troubling thought I faced this trip: What if God sacrifices your good for the greater good?

Most wild thought I faced this trip: What if God sacrifices your concept of good for your freedom?

Food I ate most: All of the goat cheese. 

Number of times I was swindled on the New Jersey turnpike: 😐

Number of times I didn't stay where I planned: Twice. Once in Tennessee with a scruffy man named Leroy. And once at Yale when The Great Flood left me stranded on the New Jersey turnpike. Not bitter.

Number of times I was in standstill traffic on a bridge over a large body of water and managed not to have a panic attack: All the times, which was 5, aka A LOT.

Number of books read/audibled: 4.

Number of times I fell into jellyfish infested waters: 4.

Number of times I was stung by a jellyfish: 0. #invincible 

Number of movies I saw while away: 1. Wonder Woman. Duh.

Number of times I yelled out expletives on the road: Once. Okay maybe 5 times. But only once at someone. I'm looking at you, Washington, D.C. minivan. 

City with the highest number of good looking men: Baltimore. I, obviously, played it very calm and collected and never tripped, puffed my cheeks up with embarrassed air, or got caught staring. Never.

Ratio of running clothes packed to runs taken: 6 to 1. 😬

Road trip food of choice: Taco Bell forever.

Most out there question I asked this trip: What is the role of Christian ethicists in society?


Do you want to live in a commune?

City that surprised me most: Toronto.

City that felt most homey: Asheville.

City that healed me most: Memphis.

Biggest breakthroughs:

  • I love my job again.
  • I am worthy of steady love.
  • I don't have to be responsible.

Biggest accomplishment: Made some headway on my new book project. It's about love and everyday resurrection.

Most surprising conversation theme throughout this trip: Women are often under-appreciated, abused or silenced. And we fight on. #cheerstothesisterhood

Number of animals I roomed with:

  • 2 lizards
  • 1 cat
  • 4 dogs

Best named animal I lived with: Charlie Brown (lizard)

Bravest moment: Getting on the road to nowhere and ending up in Asheville. 

Biggest regret: Can't think of any.

Ready to come home: oh yes.

To those of you who found me on the road, I don't know that words express my gratitude. Erin, Maggie, Mercy, Libby, McKenna--you and your loved ones filled my heart with such joy this last month. I will treasure the conversations I shared with each of you. Thank you for your fierce love and overflowing hospitality. 




I'm terrible at being Jesus.

I'm terrible at being Jesus.

A table of ordinary.

A table of ordinary.